Bella Clava (Toronto)

Bella Clava (Toronto)

Bella Clava (Toronto, Canada)

New album Medicine for Melancholy releases July 22. This band keeps getting bigger, better, tighter, and more rocking.

Hard Rock

They may not be old enough to remember it firsthand, but Bella Clava has been dipped in the blissful baptismal bourbon of the ’70s and come out of the experience speaking in the most beautifully cacophonous tongues of that hallowed Rock epoch. The Ontario quartet plays with such volume and ferocity that their tour rider should insist on a current building inspection as an assurance that they won’t demolish the venue with one of their Richter-defying soundquakes. Bella Clava just played a fundraiser to stock their war chest for a recording session at Joshua Tree’s iconic Rancho de la Luna studio, so the follow-up to 2011’s thunderous Holy Crow can’t be too far behind, and it can’t come a blistered moment too soon. Don ye now your flame retardant undergarments and prepare for the cleansing fires of Bella Clava.

YDIIYD: Heart juggles musical chainsaws with Led Zeppelin, while everyone who’s ever been in Deep Purple provides the soundtrack. (BB)